(Animation of accordion book.)

This poem is an unsettling commentary on our unchecked technological progress, sarcastically reflecting on our rapid advancement into a state of "hypermagical ultraomnipotence". cummings' (sic) writing is beautiful and evocative, but often inaccessible. As a visual printed work, the poem is transformed into a literally and conceptually tangible piece. 
(scroll for process)
There's a lot to love about this poem: the unconventional punctuation, the vivid imagery, the striking shifts in intensity and tone. As I designed my interpretation, I worked to express the unique personality of the poem through variations of a single font and color, keeping the focus on the original words.
Layout Drafts
(Draft 1: long, single-sided, less linear, black and white, no cover panel.)
(Draft 2: significantly shorter, double-sided (not featured) with different colors for each side and transition between them, cover panel.)
Finally, I realized that I could take fuller advantage of the material of the accordion book, by cutting a physical portal into that page to literally take the reader to another “universe”.
(Final draft: colors adjusted, slightly longer to allow for cutout.)
One fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence, hot off the press!
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