The final project for an independent study on interactive storytelling methodology, Solve is a concept for an interactive comic. The original blog post is here, featuring far more nerdy detail. 
"Solve is an interactive comic in the form of a digital Rubik’s Cube. The concept comes from the desire to use the rigidity of cubing as the foundation for a compelling narrative experience. Each side of the cube contains a different story, but the puzzle isn’t as simple as spinning the scrambled cube around to look at all the panels. Instead, those panels are hidden behind solid colors until they have been moved onto the side of the cube where they belong, forcing the player to interact with the puzzle… and even pull off a solve."
"The interface of the comic/game is designed to be challenging and inaccessible, without being tedious and inefficient. Hiding a comic within the cube is intended to give less logically oriented people a glimpse of the hidden rhythms and beauty that truly obsessed cubers see within the puzzle. It shouldn’t be too easy to uncover. It should also be worth finishing."
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